What never to do during a marathon

If we want to face a marathon with all the guarantees, we must take into account some frequent mistakes and avoid being their prey, the nerves and the excess of desire can play us a bad shot.

More and more people run long distances and competitions usually organized locally, nationally or internationally. If you are thinking of running a marathon, we recommend that you read the following guidelines, where we will talk about the typical mistakes of participants during a marathon.

This way you will know what you should never do during a marathon!

What should you never do during a marathon?

Every large city (and also many medium-sized cities) has at least one marathon per year and dozens of athletes, both professionals, and amateurs come to this sporting event. Maybe you liked the idea of running a bit more than usual and you want to “try your luck” in front of several kilometers. If so, we tell you what are the most common mistakes among the participants during a marathon.

1. Trust

A marathon is an exercise that requires moderate to the high effort, although it does not present much speed compared to other disciplines. Many runners believe they are making the perfect race and they trust too much … And this can be expensive.

Even professionals can suffer the consequences of this blind trust in their abilities. When you believe that the marathon is too “simple”, you still respect it. You never know when you can have a cramp, heat stroke or fall. Remember this motto: “The marathon is not over until you reach the finish line”.

2. Stand in front of the other runners

In most races, runners are separated based on their time. In this way, the fastest or with the most resistance will not have to “overtake” the slowest. And there is nothing wrong with starting last … You could be the surprise of the race!

A common mistake during the marathon is to want to start at the same time as the front ones. Each has its own times and abilities.

If it is the first time you run, we advise you to put yourself in the more backward fences.

3. Running thinking of doing something “epic”

The marathon is a very complicated test that requires concentration, effort and, above all, commitment. Like you, there are other people who are doing their best to reach the goal. Therefore, we don’t want to be the revelation of the year, especially if we don’t have experience.

It is possible that you have high expectations for your first race and you have even imagined winning it. However, keep your feet on the ground (or on the road) and make sure that your goals are clear and easy to achieve, at least at the beginning.

4. Start fast

Did you know that the first five kilometers are more important than the last five? That’s right because in a marathon you have to measure the effort since the distance is more than considerable (especially if it’s the first time).

Many novice marathon runners make the terrible mistake of starting at full speed. This can be dangerous for those who go with you – because you might hit them when passing them – and above all counterproductive for you. If you get tired at the beginning, you will not be able to finish the race, your body will quickly tire and not respond to your orders.

5. Abuse of sports drinks

Obviously, hydration is very important before, during and after the race, but the excess fluid is not good. First of all, because a marathon requires several hours of exercise and in that period of time you may want to urinate. And there is no worse experience than trying to run with a full bladder!

Also, another common mistake of beginner marathon runners is the abuse of sports gels, those that have proteins, salts and other nutrients. Why? Well, because they can cause unbearable stomach discomfort. Drink what is sufficient to not be thirsty and not to dehydrate.

6. Leave or stop midway

Obviously, if you are an accident victim or if you are not feeling well you can abandon the race, however, you must do everything possible to continue and reach the goal. This is the physical boost you need to run another marathon again in the future.

If you can’t do it and you are afraid of suffering a bigger problem and you want to abandon it… Don’t stay in the middle of the road! Respect the other runners, it can be very dangerous to collide with you.

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