The benefits of Judo for body and mind

Like all martial arts, Judo has the reputation of being an aggressive and dangerous sport, but practicing it certainly has numerous benefits, such as increasing our level of psychomotor skills.

The Judo has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the most comprehensive sports for children and youth.

There are many benefits of practicing Judo, as it improves both physical and mental health. What is it? And why is it so good?

What is Judo

Judo is a martial art of Japanese origin. The meaning of the term is “path to flexibility” or “path to lightness”. It is an unarmed combat system, the goal of which is to defeat your opponent by using your strength to immobilize him on the ground.

To do this, techniques that involve both physical and mental and emotional strength are used. Those who practice it say that Judo is much more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle.

The benefits of Judo affect the organism as a whole, strengthening coordination, self-esteem and concentration.

It can be practiced by people of any age and gender, even if with different abilities because it promotes the development of respect for one’s own integrity and that of the other.

What are the benefits of practicing Judo

Physical benefits

Judo practice helps burn calories. It is ideal for those who are looking for a complete sport and it is also positive for losing weight and keeping the line since it activates the metabolism.

On the respiratory level, it is highly beneficial because it teaches you to breathe better, to concentrate on the rhythm of inspiration and exhalation. By optimizing lung ventilation, it also relieves discomfort such as asthma.

The cardiovascular system improves its function, promoting good blood circulation. Thanks to Judo it is possible to prevent hypertension and other cardiac pathologies.

Judo involves learning certain postures that improve the balance of the body, increase the elasticity of the muscles and the flexibility of the joints; all this is able to reduce those annoyances related to pathologies such as arthritis.

This martial art regulates the function of the digestive system, facilitating intestinal motility. In addition, it strengthens important organs, such as the liver and pancreas. The techniques and postures that are learned are also positive for the nervous system; they strengthen memory and increase resistance to pain.

The benefits of Judo in toning the muscles and keeping the body in harmony are evident. However, from an emotional and psychic point of view, the benefits are even greater.

Psychic benefits

The practice of this sport optimizes the psychomotor ability, allowing to obtain both physical and mental balance and promoting growth in the sportsman.

Judo is an excellent school for learning respect for others and for oneself and is an ideal sport to overcome shyness and control aggression.

In the case of shy people, Judo helps not to be afraid of contact with others and to express oneself through one’s body. Furthermore, it helps to believe in one’s own abilities.

It is an excellent relief valve to release negative feelings. Judo teaches you to correct aggressive attitudes by increasing your tolerance for frustration in a constructive way.

Increased self-esteem

Judo increases self-esteem. Regular practice of this sport gives people self-confidence, as well as promoting optimism and good humor.

Concentration, which is essential during training, is also useful in all other areas of life; those who practice this sport get used to thinking before acting and not to get carried away by emotions in the most difficult situations.

Judo is one of those sports that benefit those who practice it fully. With few rare exceptions, it is suitable for any person, regardless of age or gender.

This martial art can also be practiced with a competitive orientation, although in most cases students prefer to learn techniques that require less effort for recreational purposes.

The health benefits are, even in these cases, unquestionable and Judo is strongly recommended also by experts in the sector. Judo practice enriches each individual’s ability to develop harmoniously, both physically and emotionally.

This Japanese martial art is much more than just exercise. It offers the tools necessary to train the body while generating very useful qualities, it forms the character and helps to achieve balance with yourself and with others.

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