More toned and strong arms with 7 useful exercises

As for any other muscle group, even for the muscles of the arms, our desire to reach the goal must not lead us in the most absolute way to start training with an excessive load.

Especially for those who train for aesthetic purposes, obtaining toned and well-defined arm muscles is a vital goal.

However, training these muscle groups brings not only aesthetic but also sports benefits: with the muscles of the upper limbs in training, our strength and endurance will improve. So let’s see what are the best arm exercises.

The arms are made up of the main bone, the humerus, and various muscles: the brachial biceps, the anterior brachial, the coracobrachialis muscle, the brachial triceps, and the anconeus, commonly known as the forearm.

All these muscles can be trained with free body exercise sessions or with the help of tools (such as weights, dumbbells, and bars). In this article, we are going to describe in detail some arm exercises that you can perform. The intensification of the exercises must be gradual and well thought out.

7 arm exercises

In principle, below we show you some of the most useful arm exercises. We will divide them into three subgroups: let’s start with those that you can perform in the gym, continue with those with the free body, to be done at home (or in an open-air space) and, finally, we conclude with those to be performed at the bar.

Exercises for the arms to do in the gym

1. Barbell curl

We are going to tell you about one of the exercises for the upper limb muscle groups par excellence. In general, it should be performed keeping the bar straight and standing; if you do it while standing, we advise you to place one foot in front of the other and therefore not to put them parallel. In this way, you will avoid moving the center of gravity, damaging your spine.

2. We train the triceps with dumbbells

In this paragraph, we will be able to list and describe different exercises, but we will focus specifically on the extension of the vertical triceps with the dumbbells. This movement consists of grasping a dumbbell with both hands and placing it behind the nape of the neck, keeping it upright. Next, we extend our arms, until we push the dumbbells upwards.

We must always make sure to keep our back straight. If done well, this exercise is phenomenal for our arms.

3. Pulley for biceps

To perform this exercise, you will need to use low pulley in the gym. To get started, grab a barbell and grab it in a supine position (i.e., with the palms of your hand facing your body). Then, perform common movements for the biceps. Here too, keep in mind that it is essential to keep your back straight; you can place one foot forward to avoid losing your balance.

Bodyweight exercises for the arms

4. Arm bendings

This exercise will allow you to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, chest, and back, not just those of the arms. It is extremely simple: position yourself with your face facing the floor, resting on your palms and on your toes.

The opening of the arms should be as wide as the shoulders are wide. The exercise is to lift your body by stretching your arms. Then, go back to the starting position and repeat.

5. Triceps on the bench

One of the most effective alternatives for defining the triceps is this. It consists of sitting on a bench, placing the palms of the hands-on side as support and pushing the feet forward. Push your back as far down as possible to train your triceps.

If you want to make it more difficult, place another surface in front of you and place your feet on it. Hence, the more experienced can also add weight to the muscles to maximize effort.

Arm exercises with the bar

6. Pull-ups

Pull-ups consist of hooking up on a bar to train your back, chest and of course your arms. Here is one of the main advantages of bar exercises: many muscle groups work at the same time.

Performing this exercise may cost you some effort at first, but as time goes by you will gain more strength and less depth. Grab the bar with your palms facing you; then, lift your body by levering on the arms, then return to the initial position, stretching them.

7. The parallel bars

This type of exercise at the bar can be found in public parks equipped with “stations” equipped for physical activity, but also in the gym.

The exercise consists of supporting oneself with the bars and lifting the weight of one’s body until the arms are fully extended, while we slightly tilt the torso forward. We recommend that you bend your legs to “shorten” your body length and gain stability.

Finally, it should be emphasized that different sports – including tennis, boxing, and swimming – are optimal for training the arms. Find the sport that suits you best and start training to get the toned arms you always wanted.

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