Frying or baking: which is better?

Many hostesses who devote themselves entirely to the creation of home comfort, as well as cleaning and cooking, have long been trying to answer one question for themselves. Check to know answer.

What cooking method – frying or baking – is better to use so that the food turned out with less fat, but kept the maximum flavor and enjoyed by all housemates. At first glance, the task is very difficult, and as if almost impossible. But it is not.

Roast or bake?


It all depends on what kind of lifestyle the family has in the first place. If it is athletic, and prefers to eat as properly as possible and adheres to any rules, then in this family method of frying is absolutely unacceptable. Here the best way is to bake in such a way that all the animal fat is boiled away. Be sure to add a slice of lemon or apples, so that all the carcinogens can be absorbed into the fruit, which must then be thrown away.


Frying – of course, the method is less useful, but is in crazy demand among the population. It’s very simple, frying always uses some type of oil, which in the unheated state nourishes the body with very useful properties and strengthens the hair, nails and skin. But as soon as you heat oil, it turns into “walking” fat, which tends to be deposited where it is not asked for. Also, fried food is not recommended for those who have problems with the digestive system.

Also fried food very often contributes to the accumulation of extra “harmful” cholesterol.


From the above, we can make a very simple conclusion that, of course, baking is much healthier than fried food. But, with the same baking, it is always best to use foil and fruit and vegetables, which should not be eaten after cooking. They are likely to contain a lot of harmful substances and fat, which will be melted out of the meat itself.

In the present time as a great demand in silicone baking forms, which are well get rid of excess grease when washed.

The culture of eating baked food is best accustomed since childhood, because if you initially show your child what fried food is, he will reach for it. And how useful baked food is, he will be able to understand only in adulthood.

It is also worth noting that the usefulness of food and appetite is affected by the color of dishes, so we recommend picking for yourself and your family a dining set that will make both baked and fried food useful.

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