Exercises to eliminate fat in the armpits

The fat that forms in the armpits is one of the most difficult physical defects to fight. Performing at jfrankhenderson.com website some specific exercises can help you progressively eliminate the problem, but you will have to be constant and know how this type of fat is produced.

Those of us who have the good fortune (or bad luck) to be engaged in the world of fitness live a constant struggle to avoid the rolls of fat and progressively improve our shape and our physical appearance. Without a doubt, one of the most difficult problems to work on is eliminating the armpit fat which is particularly striking in the summer.

Who among us has never had a little fat in the armpit area? As unpleasant as it is, it is a fairly common problem.

However, if we have a quantity of fat higher than normal, it will seem disharmonious and/or unsightly. The fat accumulated in the armpits is generally due to the loss of muscle tone and, above all, to being overweight (or on the contrary, having lost many pounds in a short time).

How is this fat generated?

As we have already said, having a little fat in the armpits is normal and, to a certain extent, also genuine especially for women.

Nonetheless, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, the use of alcohol and other excesses are known to promote the formation of unwanted fat under the arms.

You should know that those annoying swellings in the lower armpits are not always the cause of fat, but they can also be caused by more worrying factors so it would be better to consult your doctor.

However, in most cases, the falling armpits are due to a loss of stiffness in the arms – due to age or lack of exercise – or due to obesity/overweight.

How to get rid of armpit fat?

There is no need to obsess it, as, as in everything in life, there is a solution. Even if you don’t know any of them, you can be calm because in this article we will offer you a series of exercises that will help you eliminate fat from the lower armpits.

To achieve your goal, there are various types of exercises that must be combined and performed in three sets of at least 10 repetitions.

Press with dumbbells

It is an excellent exercise for reducing underarm fat. The ideal is to do it on a bench positioned at 90º, but you can also do it standing or lying on the floor.

The exercise consists in bringing the dumbbells to the height of the shoulders and lifting them up to extend the arms almost completely, but without blocking the elbows.

Raise with dumbbells

With weights in both hands, tilt the trunk slightly forward. From this position, raise and then lower your arms to your hips. In this way, you will perform an exercise that will increase your ability to burn fat in the arms, armpits, and chest.


Without a doubt, doing push-ups will help you to strengthen the muscles of the arms, chest, armpits, and shoulders, and will help eliminate the rolls of fat present in the armpits.

The path on the hands in lateral plank

Place yourself face down and rest your hands and toes (so as to lift your chest off the ground) move sideways by opening and closing your legs while crossing your arms.

This exercise is suitable for burning the fat of the arms and armpits and for toning the muscles of the abdomen, limbs, and back.

Applauding backward

It is a very simple and effective exercise that consists of applauding with the arms stretched towards the back and then forward. The applause must be interspersed with pauses and you will have to last at least three seconds in each position.


Push-ups, lifting the weight of your body, will also help you tone your arms and eliminate the rolls from under the armpits.

Cardiovascular exercises

Without a doubt, these exercises are the best way to get rid of excess fat rolls from underneath the armpits (as well as from the rest of our body). Some examples of activities that are part of this type of training are swimming, running, kickboxing, aerobics, HIIT or spinning.

Whatever workout you choose, your best bet is to do a 45-minute workout to burn fat constantly.

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